Scholten Japanese Art


Kitagawa Utamaro (1753-1806) Wakaume of the Tamaya in Edo-machi itchome, kamuro Mumeno and Iroka (detail,) ca. 1793-94

Artists Represented

Charles Bartlett

Paul Binnie

Suzuki Harunobu

Kawase Hasui

Oda Kazuma

Elizabeth Keith

Torii Kotondo

Utagawa Kunisada (aka Toyokuni III)


Natori Shunsen

Kitagawa Utamaro

Hiroshi Yoshida

Toshi Yoshida

Tsukioka (aka Taiso) Yoshitoshi

Scholten is a private gallery specializing in Japanese woodblock prints and paintings. We offer ukiyo-e from the 18th to 20th centuries, including shin hanga, sosaku hanga, and Japanese-style woodblock prints produced by Western artists. Located in a spacious suite in the old Meurice Hotel, just steps from Central Park South, we enjoy meeting with visitors one on one in order to best learn about your interests and share the collection with you.