Jan  Hendrix 

Arróniz Arte Contemporaneo



Tabasco 198, 06700, Colonia Roma, 

Mexico City, MX

10am - 7pm

tel: +52 (55) 55 11 79 65


Gustavo Arróniz, Director

Leticia Arróniz, Director

Arróniz emerged from a particular interest to work with a new  generation of artists from Mexico and Latin America. Our main drive is  to support and closely follow the careers of our artists both locally  and internationally. A key element to our labor are the multiple  exchanges with other galleries from other countries and participation in  art fairs around the world.

Our local program is composed by exhibitions of our represented  artists, and a parallel presentation in the projects room where a  specific piece or project –created with the space in mind– is showed.  This allows us to expand our cultural offer to new audiences while  working in collaboration with other artists, curators and institutions.

Arróniz Arte Contemporáneo is an Editions Publisher.

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