Ignasi  Aballí 

 Alexandre   Arrechea 

 John  Baldessari 

 Iñaki  Bonillas 

 Carlos  Bunga 

 José Pedro  Croft 

 Carlos  Garaicoa 

 Mathias   Goeritz  

 Luis  Gordillo 

 Jan  Hendrix 

 Jonathan  Hernández 

 Ellsworth  Kelly 

 Nico   Munuera 

 Bruce  Nauman 

 Joan Hernández Pijuan 

 Liliana  Porter 

 Bernardi  Roig 

 Richard  Serra 

 Melanie   Smith 

La Caja Negra



Fernando VI, 17 - 2 IZQ, 28004, Madrid, ES

M-F 11am-7pm; Sat 11am-2pm

tel: +34 913104360


Open since 1998 the gallery is focused on prints and  editions by contemporary artists. We regularly attend international art  fairs such as Arco, ZonaMaco, ArtBo, Parc Lima and the Print
Fair in New  York. Recent editions include collaborations with artists such as  Ignasi Aballí, Iñaki Bonillas, Carlos Bunga, José Pedro Croft, Carlos  Garaicoa, Luis Gordillo, Jan Hendrix, Jonathan Hernández, Joan Hernández  Pijuan, Nico Munuera, Liliana Porter, Bernardí Roig or Regina Silveira.  Our field of work includes all kinds of artworks that deal with  graphics, printing, artist’s editions, photography and related areas.

La Caja Negra is an Editions Publisher

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