Jordi Alcaraz

Miles Aldridge

Timothy Curtis

Regina Giménez

Julio Le Parc

Jaume Plensa

Polígrafa Obra Gráfica



Balmes 54 entr
Barcelona, E-08007, ES,
Tel: [34] 9.3488.2381
Joan de Muga

Polígrafa Obra Gráfica was launched in 1964 by Manuel de Muga and has published editions featuring over 300 leading artists since then.


In 1970, Joan de Muga, son of the founder, opened Poligrafa's own workshop with facilities for etching, lithography, woodcuts and other traditional print techniques.


Current partners Joan de Muga, José Aloy and Alvaro Puigdengolas continue the business inviting artists to the workshop in Barcelona to develop new projects with other renowned contemporary artists.

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