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Los Angeles, USA

Mixografia is a fine arts printer and publisher based in Los Angeles, California. Mixografia® expands the realm of printmaking by using handmade paper to incorporate dimensionality and relief into a traditionally two-dimensional medium. We aim to provide every artist with a collaborative and enriching experience, accommodating each artist’s unique style and vision.


Detail: Analia Saban, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Have a Nice Day Plastic Bag, 2016.


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I think it’s very interesting how everything’s technology. I mean, from the fabric I’m wearing now – this dress is carrying the history of textiles and weaving from hundreds of years and traditions. But you know, what is it made of? Is it made of polyester, is it basically a plastic, is it completely artificial, will it decompose?

And I think it’s time to take a moment to look around and see - what am I wearing? Where did it come from? What is it made of?

Analia Saban, “Art Encounter: Analia Saban”, Kleefield Contemporary. October 21, 2020.

Analia Saban

One Size 100% Cashmere, Made in England, Clothing Tag, 100% Cotton, Clothing Tag


28.5 X 37.125 X 0.5 in

Mixografía® print on handmade paper

Edition of 20


Analia Saban

One Size Unique, 100% Cotton, Clothing Tag


28.5 X 16.625 X 0.375 in