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SARAH SAUVIN Gallery specializes in selected fine prints by old and modern masters from the 15th to the 20th century. We have participated in the main International Fine Art Print Fairs (London Original Print Fair, Salon international de l'Estampe at the Grand Palais in Paris, IFPDA Online Print Fair). We sell important prints to collectors and to museums and institutions all over the world (Art Institute of Chicago, National Gallery of Art in Washington, British Museum in London, Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, Harvard Art Museum, Musée d’Art et d’Histoire in Geneva, Bibliothèque nationale de France, Fondation Custodia in Paris...). To be kept informed about our new online listing of prints or new catalogue, please send us an email. We welcome customers by appointment in Paris.


'The Large Self-Portrait', Jean-Etienne Liotard


We are pleased to present you with a new selection of fine prints. The 'Large Self-portrait', engraved by Jean-Étienne Liotard when he was almost eighty years old, is his printed masterpiece. Our impression of the first state (of 2) is not only extremely rare but it is also particularly precious as it comes directly from Liotard by descent within his family. 'The Dragon devouring the Companions of Cadmus', a fine impression of the 1st state (of 4), is dedicated by Hendrick Goltzius to the Amsterdam collector Jacob Rauwaert, "Chalcographiae admirator". Our impression of the 'Cottage beside a Canal with a View of Ouderkerk' by Rembrandt, “a scarce print” (Nowell-Usticke), comes from the collection of another print lover, Julian Marshall. Important new research on chiaroscuro woodcuts has led to a better understanding of this medium in recent years. 'Saint Peter and Saint John', after a drawing by Parmigianino, attributed for a long time to Ugo da Carpi, has recently been reattributed to Niccolò Vicentino by Naoko Takahatake. Our impression is one of the first state, before the later edition with Andrea Andreani’s monogram. Abraham Bosse, who published the first technical manual of intaglio printmaking in 1642, etched 'The Intaglio printmakers' the same year, to show "how intaglio plates are printed". Our impression of this iconic print is the only one we know to have been coloured at the time. Among the prints listed further on in our booth, some are very rare, such as the early impressions of Claude Gellée’s 'Le Bouvier' and 'Port de mer à la grosse tour' or Daumier’s 'Ne vous y frottez pas!!' and some are even almost unobtainable such as 'Éclaircie dans la forêt' by Rodolphe Bresdin. We hope that you will find as much pleasure in discovering these prints as we had in gathering them. Full descriptions are available in the ‘Worklist’ pdf that you can download on this page and HD pictures are available on our website sarah-sauvin.com.

Sarah Sauvin

Jean-Étienne LIOTARD

Autoportrait, la main au menton (grande planche) [The Large Self-portrait]

ca. 1778/1781

46,6 x 39,4 cm

Roulette and engraving over mezzotint

Provenance: Jean-Étienne Liotard, then by descent within the artist’s family.

Extremely rare and fine impression of this important print, Jean-Etienne Liotard's printed masterpiece. First state (of 2). (Read the full description in the Worklist PDF).

Rœthlisberger and Loche 522, 1st state (of 2) before letter; Humbert, Revilliod and Tilanus 8 (undescribed state)

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The Dragon devouring the Companions of Cadmus


25,3 x 32 cm


Very fine impression of the first state (of 4). One of the most striking Mannerist engravings by Hendrick Goltzius, engraved in reverse after a picture painted in the same year by Cornelis Corneliszoon van Haarlem. (Read the full description in the Worklist PDF).

Bartsch 262; Strauss 261; New Hollstein 329, 1st state (of 4)



Cottage beside a Canal with a View of Ouderkerk

ca. 1641

14,1 x 20,7 cm

Etching and drypoint

Provenance: Julian Marshall with his collection mark printed verso (Lugt 1494)

Rare and fine impression of the unique state, the sulphur tint still visible in the sky, but the details in the far right slightly beginning to wear. Thread margins all around the platemark. (Read the full description in the Worklist PDF).

Bartsch 228; Biörklund and Barnard 45-1; New Hollstein 202



Saint Peter and Saint John


15,6 x 10,8 cm

Chiaroscuro woodcut from three blocks

Very fine impression of this print attributed to Ugo da Carpi by Bartsch and recently reattributed to Niccolò Vicentino. (Read the full description in the Worklist PDF).

Bartsch 26, 1st state (of 2) before Andrea Andreani’s monogram


'The Dragon devouring the Companions of Cadmus', Hendrick Goltzius

Abraham BOSSE

Les Imprimeurs en taille-douce [The Intaglio printmakers]


25,6 x 32,7 cm


Provenance: Ernest Devaulx (1831-1901): his signature on the back followed by the date of acquisition 1868.

Exceptional impression coloured with gouache at the time. 'The Intaglio printmakers' is one of the most famous prints by Abraham Bosse. (Read the full description in the Worklist PDF).

Préaud 204; Blum 205; Lothe 254


'Cottage beside a Canal with a View of Ouderkerk', Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn


Roman Soldiers fighting the Dacians


30 x 46 cm


Bartsch 94, Robert-Dumesnil 97, 2nd state (of 2); Bianchi 102


Crispin de PASSE

Discordia [The Bad Household]


22,5 x 24 cm


Hollstein 613, Franken 1212