London, UK

The Redfern Gallery was founded in September 1923 on the top floor of Redfern House at 27 Old Bond Street, London W1, as a small artists’ cooperative. It is now one of the longest-established dealers of Modern British and Contemporary art in London. Today The Redfern Gallery represents over 30 contemporary artists and artists’ estates. It also has an extensive stock of modern and contemporary paintings, drawings, watercolours, sculpture and original prints.



Aduton SIII, Paul Feiler


The selection of modern and contemporary prints for this year's fair includes works by many artists who were - or continue to be - represented by The Redfern Gallery. From Sybil Andrews in the 1930s, to David Oxtoby and John Carter today.

Richard Gault, Director of The Redfern Gallery

Wassily Kandinsky

Untitled (from Stephen Spender’s ‘Fraternity’)


12.7 x 8.1 cm (5 x 3.3 in)


Reference: Roethel 202

Printed in 1939 at Atelier 17, Paris. Fraternity was produced to help raise funds for the Spanish Republicans during the Spanish Civil War. It consisted of 9 original etchings by John Buckland-Wright, Stanley William Hayter, Józef Hecht, Dalla Husband, Wassily Kandinsky, Roderick Mead, Joan Miró, Dolf Rieser and Louis Vargas. The portfolio included the poem “Fall of a City” by Stephen Spender, with a translation by the French Surrealist poet Louis Aragon.

Signed from edition of 113


Patrick Procktor RA



90 x 63 cm (35.4 x 24.8 in)


Published by The Redfern Gallery, London

Signed and numbered, edition of 75 impressions plus 10 artist’s proofs


David Hockney

Matelot Kevin Druez 2


139 x 93 cm (54.7 x 36.6 in)

Inkjet printed computer drawing on paper

Signed and numbered from edition of 30


David Oxtoby

Boss Man [Elvis Presley]


30 x 17 cm (11.81 x 6.69 in)

Etching, open-bite and aquatint

Collection: The British Museum (another impression)

Edition of 100 impressions plus 10 artist’s proofs


Shadowed Garden, Norman Stevens RA

Francis Bacon

Triptych 1974-1977


61 x 110 cm (24 x 43.3 in)

Etching and aquatint

Reference: Tacou 13; Sabatier 4

Signed and numbered, edition of 99


Campanula, Patrick Procktor

David Oxtoby

Blue Rod [Rod Stewart]


16.7 x 14 cm (6.6 x 5.5 in)

Etching and open-bite

Edition of 50 impressions plus 10 artist’s proofs


David Oxtoby

Miss Smith [Bessie Smith]


20 x 14 cm (7.87 x 5.51 in)


Edition of 85 impressions plus 10 artist’s proofs