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Invitational Booth #306

Aliso Editions, Los Angeles, CA | New York, NY

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Aliso Editions is a fine art print and multiples publisher based in Los Angeles and New York City.

El Aliso was an ancient sycamore tree that towered over the landscape of early Los Angeles for nearly 400 years, ultimately measuring 60 feet tall with a canopy spreading nearly 200 feet from tip to tip. In a landscape virtually free of permanent structures, the Aliso tree would have been visible for a great distance and a constant unit of measurement on the pre-LA horizon.

In the spirit of our namesake, and with the aim of broadening perspectives in our shared landscape, we produce prints and multiples to increase the creative scope of artists' work and expand its reach.


Jonas Wood, 'Kitchen Interior', 2022 (detail)


(Left to Right) Saskia Bailey, Susumu Kamijo, Emmett Walsh & Nico Hernandez

We will be focusing on print editions and multiples made during the past 3 years, with artists based in Los Angeles and New York. Predominantly executed in silkscreen, but also including lithography, wood block, and a sculptural wall relief series. The artists we work with range in style and influence from Pop and Abstraction, to Minimalism and Color Field; with American political landscape work and instinctive Figuration. The works in our presentation also aim to highlight the collaborative process between us, the publishers, and the artists and skilled Master printmakers and fabricators who we create editions with, on both West and East coasts of the U.S.

Exhibiting Artists

Ethan Cook, Petra Cortright, Elizabeth Ibarra, Susumu Kamijo, Jake Longstreth, Ruben Ochoa, Jonas Wood

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