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Allinson Gallery, Inc., Storrs, CT

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Welcome to Allinson Gallery, Inc. We have been in business since 1978 and specialize in American, British, and Continental fine prints, drawings, and watercolors in the Painter-Etcher tradition from 1850 to 1950.

The gallery has maintained an online presence since 1982. That was an exciting time when e-commerce was beginning. Questions were raised, such as “Would collectors purchase art that they had not seen in person?” “Was the internet a fad?” “Would banks provide credit cards to galleries that sold works internationally?” “Was art too exalted to be offered online?” It took nearly a decade to prove that the web was a viable venue for the art world.

Jane Allinson has a Ph.D. in medieval studies. She has curated museum exhibitions on Joseph Pennell and three Scottish printmakers: Cameron, Mc Bey and Bone. Additionally, she has published several articles and has co-authored two books on the Philippine painter, Fernando Amorsolo y Cueto. Seven Deadly Sins is a collaboration with her irreverent poems and mixed media prints by Ann Chernow, N.A.

Derek Allinson, Ph.D. is an emeritus professor from the University of Connecticut, presently preparing an extensive revision and expansion of the catalograisonné of Sir Frank Short, R.A., 1857-1945. Short belonged to the artistic circle of Whistler, Haden, and their contemporaries. He revived the practices of mezzotint and pure aquatint and worked extensively in drypoint, etching, and engraving. Short also wrote about printmaking and was President of the Royal Society of Painter Etcher & Engravers (now called the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers) from 1910 to 1938. He was head of the department of engraving at the Royal College of Art from 1891- 1924. During that time, he taught a generation of printmakers. He created several hundred fine prints, both original and reproductive works after such artists as George Frederic Watts and J.M.W. Turner, whose Liber Studiorum Short continued, with the encouragement of John Ruskin.

The Allinson Gallery, Inc. reflects the founders’ collecting interests. The emphasis is on works by James Abbott McNeill Whistler, Martin Lewis, and the British Painter-Etchers.


Relics (Speakeasy Corner). Martin Lewis, N.A.


East Side Interior. Edward Hopper, N.A.

Amazing Iconic Images

The New York Print Fair has begun.
Come on down (or up)! Have some fun
With iconic prints – that’s no con.
There’s one for you – or more than one.
Let us use the word ‘iconic’
To suggest something symbolic.
Pictures hedonic, canonic,
In an array quite harmonic,
Form a collection symphonic.
(To boredom, they serve a tonic.)
The scene’s New York, so it’s proper,
To launch with Lewis and Hopper,
Two masters of mood, dark and light.
Subjects sit or stride, day and night
Bathed in an ethereal glow,
Enveloped in sun or shadow.
You’ll find landscapes, also portraits,
Beauteous belles in high-class hats,
Each lady an aristocrat
With whom you’d have high tea, and chat;
Or perhaps you’d prefer to dine
On steak and ale, or drink fine wine,
Share connoisseurship and good cheer.
A toast to all icons. Hear, hear!

Exhibiting Artists

John Taylor Arms, N.A., R.E., P.R.E.,
Edmund Blampied, R.E.,
Sir Muirhead Bone,
Gerald Leslie Brockhurst, R.A., R.E.,
Howard Cook, N.A.,
Frederick Landseer Griggs, R.A., R.E.,
Childe Frederick Hassam, N.A.,
Paul César Helleu,
Edward Hopper, N.A.,
Martin Lewis, N.A.,
James McBey,
Henri Émile Benoît Matisse,
Joseph Pennell, N.A., R.E.,
Pablo Picasso. 1881-1973,
Georges Rouault. 1871-1958,
John French Sloan, N.A.,
Jacques James Joseph Tissot,
Stow Wengenroth, N.A.,
James Abbott McNeill Whistler,
Anders Leonard Zorn.

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