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Atelier-Galerie A. Piroir, Montreal, CA

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We are pleased to present the Atelier-Galerie A. Piroir. Since 1975, we have been an intaglio printer, publisher of prints and artist’s books, and print media gallery owners. Two generations of printers work together at the studio. Alain Piroir has passed on the love for the trade to his daughter Agathe, who, after having worked on her own, joined her father in 2006.


As printers, our goal is to work collaboratively with artists who challenge our skills. Our practice involves advising, assisting and helping them produce their works, which requires an in-depth dialogue with them and an ability to creatively address the technical challenges of their art. We also endeavour to disseminate the creations of our artists. Our gallery’s mission is to exhibit print media by artists who have a contemporary approach. Our commitment has culminated in a partnership with the Biennale internationale d’estampe contemporaine de Trois-Rivières, where the Prix Atelier-Galerie A. Piroir is awarded. Drawing on more than 48 years’ experience, our unique approach has earned us a reputation as print media experts.


Seen from the exhibition of Ngbwa, Johny


Detail from 'The Great Storm' by Pien, Ed

Commited to promoting emerging artists and established artists, the gallery aims to present engaging exhibitions that attest to the great vitality and diversity that exists within all fine printmaking disciplines. Our gallery’s mission is to exhibit print media by artists who have a contemporary approach.

We only sell artist’s books in the style of the French tradition. Our works consist of texts, printed by hand in letterpress, and prints made using a variety of techniques: intaglio or wood engraving, lithography, linocut or screen printing. All books include a numbered colophon, signed by the writer and artist. To produce our works, it is essential to work collaboratively with them. We therefore usually approach one of the two creators and ask them to choose their partner. This stimulating, creative process results in our beautiful books, which we are pleased to present.

Exhibiting Artists

Bernier, Carol
De Fontenay, Hervé
Dorion, Hélène
Garneau, Marc
Heward, John
Latulippe, Hélène
Ngbwa, Johny
Pien, Ed
Simonin, Francine
Troche, Macelo
Wang, Suo Yuan

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