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Booth #308

Highpoint Editions, Minneapolis, MN

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Highpoint Editions is a publisher of fine art prints made by invited professional artists in collaboration with Highpoint Editions staff and Master Printer Cole Rogers. Highpoint advances the work of artists by presenting artists’ projects to a broad public through gallery shows, lectures and symposia, and placing Highpoint prints in important public and private collections around the world.


Highpoint Editions is part Highpoint Center for Printmaking, a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the art of printmaking. Its goals are to provide educational programs, community access, and collaborative publishing opportunities to engage the community and increase the appreciation and understanding of the printmaking arts.


Corner of Lake and Minnehaha, Julie Mehretu


Highpoint Editions Studio

This marks Highpoint's inaugural participation in the IFPDA Fine Art Print Fair. We are pleased to offer three new monumental prints by artist Julie Mehretu. Collectively these prints present an emotionally moving and technically challenging narrative of destruction and hope. Released in 2021, Jim Hodges’ suite of four diminutive prints days is an intimate exploration of material and technique, operating on the outer boundaries of printmaking. New prints from Julie Buffalohead and Rico Gatson each embody their own messages of power – and powerlessness. Delita Martin’s full seven-print suite, Keepsakes, depicts the faces of seven young Black girls and encourages the viewer to stay, look longer and see them as individuals. Highpoint Editions’ most recent releases include a vibrant selection of watercolor monotypes from Brad Kahlhamer, each print replete with his ever-growing universe of characters and places.

Exhibiting Artists

Julie Mehretu, Jim Hodges, Delita Martin, Brad Kahlhamer, Rico Gatson, Julie Buffalohead

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