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Booth #119

Hill-Stone Inc, South Dartmouth, MA

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Hill-Stone are dealers in prints and drawings from the 15th century to the early years of the 20thcentury. Founded forty-seven years ago by Alan N. Stone in Northampton, Massachusetts, the firm moved to New York City in 1980 and relocated to South Dartmouth, Massachusetts in 2013. Lesley Hill is the other principal.

As private dealers, Mr. Stone and Ms. Hill have always maintained a strong interest in German prints of the Renaissance and Dutch prints and drawings of the 16th and 17thcentury. They also offer a broad selection of works from the graphic art of the 16th century in Italy and France.

Their other great interest is the art of the later 18th and early 19th centuries with a specific concentration on Romanticism and Neoclassicism in all its national manifestations. Their passion for the curious and the arcane is, if it be a fault, one to which they will readily admit.


Wardroom, Hill-Stone, South Dartmouth MA


after Bosch, The War Elephant. Engraving & etching

We will exhibit a wide span of graphic art from the beginning of printmaking to the early 20th century. The artists range from known masters to unknown masters, some of which are only known by initials or attributions. We will exhibit the extraordinary complete set of ten etchings (c. 1766-7) by Filippo Morghen, Voyage from the Earth to the Moon, an enchanting and whimsical example of Rococo style, specifically chinoiserie. Morghen’s conception with its emphasis on spidery, levitating forms shows the daily activities of the denizens of the moon, including boat trips, hunting and fishing.

We will have a group of prints relating to ballooning, early aviation and the moon.

We will also have a selection of drawings by printmakers and drawings related to or inspired by prints.

Exhibiting Artists

Dürer, Albrecht
van Rijn, Rembrandt
Carracci, Agostino
Carracci, Annibale
Morgen, Filippo
Gauguin, Paul
Helleu, Paul
Behrens, Peter
Kandinsky, Vasily
van Leyden, Lucas
Master M
Master PW of Cologne
Goltzius, Hendrick
da Trento, Antonio
Jegher, Christoffel after Rubens
Hollar, Wenzel
Stock, Abraham

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