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Booth #207

John Szoke Gallery, New York, NY

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Since 1974, the John Szoke Gallery has specialized in works on paper, first publishing and dealing with contemporary artists and then, after taking a specific interest in the relationship between history and the artist, narrowing the collection’s focus to modern masters. This focus has tightened to the works of Pablo Picasso and Edvard Munch, two innovative printmakers who brought the print form to new artistic heights. With a collection this specific, the gallery can present not only editioned prints, but the process of their development, various states, color variations, proofs, and impressions pulled by different printers, illuminating the historical context of each work. The gallery’s foundation in inquiry, its interest in each artwork’s unique position in history, has forged both academic and trade-based partnerships. Throughout its over 45 years, the gallery has closely collaborated with major museums and important collectors, and has been an active member of the IFDPA (International Fine Print Dealer Association), building a worldwide reputation for expert evaluation and cataloging, dedication to research and art accessibility, and for housing the finest rare quality prints by Picasso and Munch. The range of these artworks appeal to those looking to start a collection, to active collectors, as well as to appreciators simply interested in history. All are welcome to experience the works in person at the gallery’s Fuller Building location, conveniently found on the corner of Manhattan’s 57th Street and Madison Avenue.


La Femme qui pleure I, Pablo Picasso

We are very excited to once again be participating in New York’s IFPDA fair and have the opportunity to connect to the print collecting community both in person and online. Our selections for the fair highlight the careers of the two artists whose work we specialize in, Pablo Picasso and Edvard Munch. Of Picasso’s oeuvre we chose to feature his most famous female portraiture with multiple states of La Femme qui pleure I. We are also exhibiting a selection of his signature Minotaur prints, which highlight the marriage of myth and modernity, like La Minotauromachie, one of the most important graphic works in the 20th century. As for Munch, our selections include many images on romantic love, loss, and the tension between domestic and wide open natural spaces such as To mennesker. De ensomme (Two human beings; The lonely ones). We invite you to visit us at the Fair in Javits Center Booth 207, or if you cannot make it; discover more online.

Exhibiting Artists

Pablo Picasso, Edvard Munch.

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