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Keith Sheridan LLC, Myrtle Beach, SC

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Keith Sheridan is a private dealer specializing in twentieth-century American, European, and Japanese fine prints and works on paper. Formerly an award-winning graphic designer, Keith is focused on providing iconic and innovative modernist works of exceptional merit, historical importance, and enduring value. His extensive archive of available works encompasses the genres of Modernist Representation and Abstraction, Impressionism, Expressionism, Surrealism, and Social Realism. Represented subjects include regionalist, non-objective, urban/industrial, and New York City images, with a notable selection of American works from the WPA era. Inquiries are welcome.


Family of Fire, John Biggers


Untitled, Paul Kelpe

The works I'm exhibiting represent a broad range of graphic explorations by twentieth-century master printmakers. African American artists Romare Bearden, John Biggers, Samella Lewis, John Tarrell Scott, and Ann Tanksley, convey their poignant evocations of the Black American experience. Renowned printmakers Ellison Hoover, Clare Leighton, Martin Lewis, Louis Lozowick, Reginald Marsh, and Charles Turzak, present the compelling dynamism of the early 20th-century urban landscape. Thomas Hart Benton, Gene Kloss, Paul Landacre, and Grant Wood depict the intrinsic values of American Regionalism. Modernist artists Paul Kelpe, Hilliard R. Dean, and Minna Citron elicit resonance through non-objective exploration. Mary B. Schuster offers her intriguing interpretation of mankind at the crossroads of world-changing scientific discovery. And master printmakers Utagawa Hiroshige II, and Hiroshi Yoshida represent the refined beauty of Japanese woodblock printmaking.

—Keith Sheridan

Exhibiting Artists

Romare Bearden, Thomas Hart Benton, John Biggers, Mary Schuster Broggie, Minna Citron, Hilliard R. Dean, Utagawa Hiroshige II, Ellison Hoover, Paul Kelpe, Rockwell Kent, Gene Kloss, Paul Landacre, Edward Landon, Clare Leighton, Martin Lewis, Samella Lewis, Louis Lozowick, Reginald Marsh, Christopher R. W. Nevinson, Nicholas Panesis, John Tarrell Scott, Ann Tanksley, Charles Turzak, Max Weber, Grant Wood, Hiroshi Yoshida

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