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Mixografia®, Los Angeles, CA

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The Remba family has been involved in the world of printmaking for three generations. Moving from Mexico City to Los Angeles, Mixografia’s three-dimensional printing technique has been developed and perfected over the course of over 50 years.


As the Mixografia® printing technique has developed and evolved, it has been able to produce increasingly complex works of art that have come to redefine the category of “print.” The versatility of the Mixografia® prints allows artists greater conceptual possibilities, greater creative freedom and possibility. Because of the quality and adaptability of the processes, the artist’s ideas are not constrained in the way they would be while working with a strictly two-dimensional medium. Artists have the potential to think in an entirely innovative way with the option to render materials on a print on paper.


La Curandera, Alison Saar


Image by Mixografia

This year Mixografia will be exhibiting a new selection of works by Sonya Clark, Francesca Gabbiani, Jacob Hashimoto, Alex Israel, Gajin Fujita and Alison Saar. The works on display feature technically and conceptually diverse practices that encompass new approaches to the traditional printing methods.

Exhibiting Artists

Sonya Clark, Francesca Gabbiani, Jacob Hashimoto, Alex Israel, Gajin Fujita, Alison Saar.

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