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Paul Stolper Gallery, London, UK

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Paul Stolper Gallery is a contemporary London art gallery and a leading publisher of contemporary editions. Established in 1998, the gallery works directly with artists to publish limited edition prints and sculptures while also running an exhibition programme in the gallery throughout the year.


Milestone exhibitions have included Damien Hirst's ‘Schizophrenogenesis’ 2014 installation; scaled up medicine bottles, boxes, ampoules, syringes, scalpel, and pills that all play with concepts of scale, combining to form an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ playground of pharmaceuticals, 'The Souls' 2010  installation consisting of 140 foil block butterfly prints, and 'New Religion' 2005; an installation of prints, sculptures, and painting.  Others include Marcus Harvey’s ‘Half Nelson’ 2018, Mat Collishaw’s ‘Urban Legends’ 2018, Brian Eno’s ‘Light Music’ 2016, Gavin Turk's 'Transit Disaster' 2012, Peter Saville and Anna Blessmann's 'In Course of Arrangement',  Angus Fairhurst 'Unprinted' 2014, Don Brown's 'Yoko' 2012, and Keith Coventry's 'Copper + Silk' 2009.


Individual publications include Jeremy Deller’s seminal screenprint ‘History of the World’ (1998), the basis for the wall painting at his Turner Prize winning exhibition at Tate Britain (2004), the ‘Venice’ 2009, ‘Paris’ 2011 and ‘London’ 2012 Suites by Sir Peter Blake, 'Snap' 2011 including Cerith Wyn Evans, Sarah Lucas, Abigail Lane, Juergen Teller amongst others.


Works published by the gallery have been included in the following collections: Government Art Collection, Tate Britain, British Council, MoMA New York and Arts Council.


Pink Trash & Blue Trash, Gavin Turk, 2022


The Souls I - Chilli Red/Silver Gloss, Damien Hirst, 2010
The Souls II - Cool Gold/Leaf Green/Blind Impression, Damien Hirst, 2010
The Souls II - Aquarius/Burgundy/Blind Impression, Damien Hirst, 2010

The gallery will be bringing newly published screen prints by Said Adrus, Chila Burman, Helen Beard and Gavin Turk, as well as mono prints by Susie Hamilton from her ‘Unbound’ series. We will also exhibit classic works that the gallery has published including a group of Damien Hirst prints that celebrate the butterfly in silkscreen and foil block. We are also exhibiting two Peter Blake diamond dust prints of the Beatles, ‘Love Me Do’ and ‘PS I Love You’.

Said Adrus’s ‘Zeitgeist’ screen print, originated in 1982 and editioned in 2022 pinpoints a moment in the poverty-fuelled Toxteth riots that destroyed parts of Liverpool. Whilst historically acknowledging Warhol’s seminal ‘Brimingham Race Riot’ print, ‘Zeitgeist’ represents a greater and current zeitgeist that spans the last four decades.

We will show new work by Chila Burman including ‘Let’s Take You Higher’ which draws on fine and pop art imagery in intricate multi-layers, exploring Asian femininity and Chila's personal family history, where Bollywood bling merges with childhood memories.

From Susie Hamilton, we have a series of mono prints, including a group of early works from 1996 of Cowboys, together with works from her latest series of solitary Riders from her ‘Unbound’ body of work. They both share similar traits of the solitary figure immersed and overpowered by nature. ‘Unbound’ refers therefore to the freedom and energy of horses and riders but also to the way in which her work is unshackled from realism in order to transform and make strange a recognisable figure, object or landscape.”

"Literature is a constant influence on my work and the new paintings, drawings and prints all have poems or plays as a source. They are also connected by the image of The Rider. I have painted The Rider as an ecstatic or combative figure or as a solitary wanderer journeying through wilderness. In a second group of works I have fused images of samurai with those of horsemen. The vitality of the horseman is also counteracted by an appearance of erosion, with areas of the prints defaced or wiped away as if mutilated by time. The movement of combat is therefore halted and stilled.”

" These equivocal, abstracted shapes, representing figures or surrounding them as part of a landscape, suggest reality changing and expanding. The familiar is morphing into the mysterious”

Exhibiting Artists

Brian Eno, Chila Kumari Singh Burman, Damien Hirst, Gavin Turk, Helen Beard, Pablo Picasso, Peter Blake, Richard Hamilton, Said Adrus, Susie Hamilton

+44(0)20 7580 7001

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