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Booth #203

Paulson Fontaine Press, Berkeley, CA

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Paulson Fontaine Press produces and publishes limited edition intaglio prints. Founded in 1996, the press emerged from the San Francisco Bay Area’s rich tradition of fine art printmaking. Paulson Fontaine Press’s philosophy is to facilitate rather than direct an artist to create an environment where artists can do their best work.


Our relationships with artists are central to our publishing program and are the source of our inspiration in the studio. Hung Liu, Radcliffe Bailey, Margaret Kilgallen and Martin Puryear are standouts from our early years printing and publishing.The exploration of their practices engendered our commitment to seek and invite artists who were not part of the mainstream art canon.


Prints by PFP are in major museum collections across the country, including the Art Institute of Chicago, the National Gallery of Art, the Smithsonian American Art Museum, the Library of Congress, MOMA, and the Whitney Museum of American Art. The deYoung Museum acquired PFP’s archive, which includes one of every print the press has published, in perpetuity.


PFP has published over 150 editions with Black Artists, and this archive was recently acquired by the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art.


Numbers and Trees: Palm Canyon, Palm Series 4, Tree #4, Acjachemen, Charles Gaines


Caroline Kent in the Paulson Fontaine Press Studio.

We recently completed our 25th year of publishing and the prints in our booth were created in and around this milestone year.

“Looking back over the past quarter century, I realize that the press has given us an exceptionally interesting and full life. We look forward to new projects with the same level of excitement as the first.”- Pam Paulson

The works in our booth include some of the most complex prints we have produced. The totemic Palm Tree series by Charles Gaines with chine collé and printed plexi boxes as well as the 84-color weave print by Alicia McCarthy were challenging to produce and yielded magnificent results.

We are showing two prints by Woody De Othello who is the second sculptor to make etchings at the press after Martin Puryear. It is always remarkable to watch artists traverse and manipulate the second dimension with a deep understanding of the third. Woody’s strong, intentional lines create an almost lenticular effect, and in both his sculptures and works on paper, Othello imbues static household objects with movement and emotion.

Four new etchings by Caroline Kent continue her exploration of ideas around communication and language. Like poems, her abstract compositions evoke a concentrated, imaginative awareness of an experience or a specific emotional response through the use of forms chosen and arranged for their meaning, impression, and rhythm.

We are thankful and fortunate to continue to work with many great artists. Paulson Fontaine Press could not succeed without them or our tremendously talented staff, past and present. We also cherish the enthusiasm of the collectors and institutions that have supported the press throughout the years.

Exhibiting Artists

Woody De Othello, Charles Gaines, Caroline Kent, and Alicia McCarthy.

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