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Sarah Sauvin, Paris, FR

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SARAH SAUVIN Gallery specializes in selected fine prints by old and modern masters from the 15th to the 20th century. We have participated in the main International Fine Art Print Fairs (London Original Print Fair, Salon international de l'Estampe at the Grand Palais in Paris, IFPDA Online Print Fair). We sell important prints to collectors and to museums and institutions all over the world (Art Institute of Chicago, National Gallery of Art in Washington, British Museum in London, Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, Harvard Art Museum, Musée d’Art et d’Histoire in Geneva, Bibliothèque nationale de France, Fondation Custodia in Paris, etc.). To be kept informed about our new online listing of prints or new catalogue, please send us an email. We welcome customers by appointment in Paris.


Aegidius SADELER II (ca. 1570 - 1629): Antique vase after Polidoro da Caravaggio, from a complete series of 10 plates, part of 'Recueil de vases', from Hippolyte Destailleur's collection.


René BOYVIN (ca. 1525 - 1598 or 1625/6) or Pierre MILAN (active ca. 1542-1557): 'Nereids and Tritons', from a complete series of 12 plates, part of 'Recueil de vases', from Hippolyte Destailleur's collection.

We are pleased to present in particular an important collection of 45 series of prints with a total of 325 plates representing vases that have been gathered and bound in 4 volumes by Hippolyte Destailleur (1822 - 1893), a French architect and well-known collector. We distinguished in particular four important and rare series: a series of 12 vases by René BOYVIN (or Pierre MILAN) after Rosso FIORENTINO, Polidoro DA CARAVAGGIO and Léonard THIRY; a series of 10 vases and 4 knives by Aegidius SADELER II after Polidoro DA CARAVAGGIO and Francesco SALVIATI; a series of 6 vases by Claude-Henri WATELET after Jean-Baptiste Marie PIERRE and a set of 37 subjects of vases, tombs, ruins and fountains by Jean-Laurent LEGEAY. Among the other series, including series by Adélaïde ALLOU, Stefano della BELLA, Charles Nicolas COCHIN I, Jacques DAMERY, Gabriel HUQUIER or Jean LEPAUTRE, some are very rare or rarely found complete. We invite you to discover this important collection in the pdf catalogue which you can download on this page (please click on "download worklist" at the top left of this page) or on our website

Exhibiting Artists

‘Recueil de vases’ (see the pdf catalog):

Adélaïde ALLOU, Jean-Jacques AVRIL known as AVRIL the Elder, Stefano della BELLA, Juste Nathan François BOUCHER known as BOUCHER fils, René BOYVIN, F. BRARD, C. BRESSE, Charles Nicolas COCHIN I, Joseph-Abel COUTURE, known as COUTURE the Elder, Jacques DAMERY, Charles DUPUIS, Jean HOUDAN, Gabriel HUQUIER, Charles-François JOLY, Jacques JUILLET, Jean Laurent LE GEAY, Jean LEPAUTRE, MANIERE, Pierre de MASSART, known as ROCHEFORT, Pierre MILAN, MOITHEY the Elder, P. NICOLET, Jean Louis PRIEUR (attributed to), RAUX, Aegidius SADELER II, Claude-Henri WATELET.

Other artists on our booth:

Jacques BELLANGE, Louis-Marin BONNET, René BOYVIN, Jacques CALLOT, Luca CAMBIASO, Eugène DELÂTRE, Frans FLORIS, Claude GELLÉE known as LE LORRAIN, Hendrick GOLTZIUS, Fernand KHNOPFF, Charles MERYON, Jean-Baptiste Marie PIERRE, Odilon REDON, REMBRANDT HARMENSZ. VAN RIJN, Aegidius SADELER, Jacques VILLON.

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