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Booth #402

Shark's Ink., Lyons, CO

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Since 1976, when we began printing as Shark’s Lithography Ltd, through the last 46 years of publishing prints as Shark’s Ink, we have collaborated with a distinguished group of more than 160 artists from the United States and Europe.

The artists we invite to make prints at Sharks pursue a strong personal vision in their work. These relationships continue over many projects with artists returning regularly to collaborate on new prints. Many of the artists have produced large bodies of work over their years of collaborating with Shark’s.


"Travels of Fortune", Enrique Chagoya


© Kara Maria 2022, "At Sight of Sun (lark bunting)", Photo credit: Bud Shark

Processes used in the studio have included lithography; monotype- using watercolor, oil pastels and other materials; metal leaf, chine colle, embossing and collage, as well as innumerable innovations for cutting and printing woodblocks and other relief prints; and the engineering and construction of three-dimensional lithographs. We devise unique methods and materials for realizing the challenging projects artists propose.

Exhibiting Artists

John Buck, Rodney Carswell, Enrique Chagoya, Evan Colbert, Amy Ellingson, Dianna Frid, Don Ed Hardy, Ana Maria Hernando, Robert Kushner, Terry Maker, Kara Maria, Claire Sherman, Barbara Takenaga

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