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Invitational Booth #T-100

Shore Publishing, Tuxedo Park, NY

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Located in the historic Hudson Valley, Shore Publishing was started by Mae Shore in 2014 to use traditional printmaking techniques for new ideas in art.  Shore worked as a printer at Pace Prints for over a decade before opening her own workshop to collaborate with emerging and established artists to create original prints which are hand-printed in very limited editions with the direct involvement of the artist. Shore Publishing exhibits and sells the prints it produces at its adjoining gallery Cheymore Gallery on Route 17 in Tuxedo Park, NY.


Triplebarb Whirler, 2022. Katia Santibañez and James Siena


Bonkbell Puller (States and Progressives), 2022. James Siena and Katia Santibañez

We are excited to be showing Katia Santibañez and James Siena's four collaborative reduction woodcuts 'Fourhand Choker' (2018), 'Jawbreaker Sixplay' (2018), 'Triplebarb Whirler' (2022) and 'Bonkbell Puller' (2022). These woodcuts are the cumulation of four years work. Starting in 2018, we decided on two separate but collaborative reduction woodcuts as it is a method and medium familiar to both artists. The reduction process was made famous by Picasso in the 1950's and is often referred to as suicide printing. This fascinating process has been likened to a game of chess as one is required to think many moves ahead. The prints are made by carving away (reducing) one woodblock in between rounds of printing.  Once the block is carved, there is no going back and that 'state' of the block can never be printed again. Every sheet in the edition must be printed in between each round of carving. The number of sheets that make it through the months of printing determine the final edition size. To keep the process balanced, the artists alternated rounds of carving with the other choosing the color. Move by move these images were created, alternating between Katia’s and James’s hands. Each layer is recognizable to their particular style but comes together in the most harmonic way.

We are also excited to be showing new linocuts from Amy Bennett titled 'Lull' (2022) and 'Clearing' (2022).
These linocuts began in 2020 and were completed this year and are on view for the first time in New York.

Exhibiting Artists

Amy Bennett, Glenn Goldberg, Warren Isensee, Katia Santibañez, James Siena, Howard Shore, William Villalongo, Yasu Shibata

845-351-4831 ext. 160

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