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Booth #314

Susan Teller Gallery, New York, NY

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The Susan Teller Gallery specializes in mid-twentieth century American prints and unique works on paper featuring Urban/Industrial Realism of the WPA Era, Modernism, and Surrealism.


Rondout Creek, 1936, Albert Heckman


Non-Obective, 1939, Louis Schanker

This on-line exhibition reflects our booth at the Print Fair – essentially three exhibitions: Albert Heckman and His Circle, American Modernist Works on Paper, and Prints of the New Deal Era.

In the first two rows are Albert Heckman and His Circle (Arthur Wesley Dow was a teacher, Isami Doi a student). The Béla Kádár is from Heckman’s personal collection.

The second group of five rows features our collection of American Modernist Prints and Drawings by William Baziotes, Sue Fuller, Dorothy Dehner, Peter Grippe, Dorothy Browdy Kushner, Anne Ryan, Louis Schanker, Ben Shahn, Ansei Uchima, and Toshiko Uchima.

In the third group, the three last rows, are New Deal Era works by George Biddle, Hans Feuerhahn, Michael J. Gallagher, Riva Helfond, Hugh Mesibov, Angelo Pinto, Andrée Ruellan, Millard Sheets, and Harry Sternberg.

This is the first New York City showing of the Dorothy Dehner, Albert Heckmans, Ben Shahns, and Toshiko Uchimas, in decades. The George Biddle, Dulce et Decorum Est, 1934, is also currently on view at the Biddle show at the Woodmere Art Museum, Philadelphia. The Riva Helfond Dig, 1938, is the exact impression recently returned from Robert Blackburn & Modern American Printmaking, A Smithsonian Traveling Exhibition.

Exhibiting Artists

Peggy Bacon, William Baziotes, Fred Becker, George Biddle, Isabel Bishop, Morris Blackburn, Dorothy Dehner, Isami Doi, Arthur Wesley Dow, Hans Feuerhahn, Sue Fuller, Michael J. Gallagher, Peter Grippe, Albert Heckman, Riva Helfond, Fannie Hillsmith, Charles Keller, Dorothy Browdy Kushner, Mauricio Lasansky, Louis Lozowick, Hugh Mesibov, Alice Murphy, Arthur Murphy, Betty Waldo Parish, Angelo Pinto, Andrée Ruellan, Anne Ryan, Louis Schanker, Karl Schrag, Ben Shahn, Millard Sheets, Mitchell Siporin, William E. Smith, Harry Sternberg, Ansei Uchima, Toshiko Uchima.

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