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Online Exclusive

Noire Editions | Turin, IT


Established in the late '70s in Turin, NOIRE EDITIONS emerged as a printmaking atelier fueled by an unwavering passion for contemporary art. Over the years, our journey has been marked by numerous collaborations with globally acclaimed artists.

At our core, we remain committed to breaking new ground and redefining traditional printing practices through the innovation of production techniques. Each edition we bring to life is a result of rigorous testing and the relentless exploration of various processes and materials.

Our enduring partnerships with certain artists have allowed us to build an extensive corpus n of editions, delving into different dimensions of the medium, all intimately connected to the artists' visions. NOIRE continues to collaborate with prominent Italian and international artists, solidifying our expertise and earning recognition as a key player and a reference point in Italy and on the international scene.

In recent years, we have been committed to promoting the creation of artist's books, another significant branch of our activity.


detail from "Wavy Bands of Color" by Sol LeWitt


detail from "Snakes and Butterflies" by Joan Jonas

I truly believe that art has the power to transform us, and the idea of being able to realize a project
that was born, conceived, and discussed with the artist brings me incredible joy every time. Perhaps it takes time, various techniques are experimented with, and sometimes new production processes are invented. It is precisely this challenge that we share with the artists and that deeply binds us.

For this occasion, I am thrilled to present an exclusive preview: "Snakes and Butterflies," an astonishing portfolio by the visionary Joan Jonas. You can also discover a large selection of prints and artists' books, our other great passion. We began in the '80s with Sol LeWitt, a dear friend, and over the years and we have continued with many other artists.

In this collection, we proudly present recent editions, including "Leporello" by Sarah Morris, Shirin
Neshat, Mel Bochner, and more. Each artist we showcase and every edition we produce bears witness to our profound passion for the extraordinary. They also serve as a testament to the unique and meaningful connections we cultivate with every artist we collaborate with.

Exhibiting Artists

Carla Accardi, Giovanni Anselmo, John Armleder, Mel Bochner, Alighiero Boetti, Valentin Carron, Alan Charlton, Sylvie Fleury, Giorgio Griffa, Joan Jonas, Sol LeWitt, Richard Long, Mario Merz, Jonathan Monk, Sarah Morris, Shirin Neshat, Giulio Paolini, Giuseppe Penone,
Andres Serrano, David Tremlett

+39 0119191234 - +39 3498319532

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