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Booth #210

Wingate Studio | Hinsdale, NH


Wingate Studio publishes fine art etchings created by invited artists in collaboration with our master printers. The press advances the work of artists by making their work accessible to the public through gallery shows, hosting museum and student groups, lectures, open studios, and by placing work in public and private collections internationally.


Peter Pettengill started Wingate Studio in 1985 as a small print workshop on his family farm after having worked as a printer at Crown Point Press for seven years. Since then, our programming has expanded to include our own publishing program, workshops, lectures, apprenticeships and open studios. Our work can be found in the permanent collections of Baltimore Museum of Art, Cleveland Museum of Art, Library of Congress, Minneapolis Institute of Art, Museum of Modern Art, Whitney Museum of American Art, and many other public and private collections internationally.


Pestvogel, Walton Ford


Wingate Studio

Wingate Studio is pleased to present as a portfolio of six etchings titled Cat Hearts by the artist Xylor Jane. These four plate color aquatint etching are emblematic of Jane’s work, incorporating optical effects using personally significant numerology and colors sequences.

We will be displaying new etchings from the artist Hayley Barker. Featuring the sumptuous palette and fine mark-making characteristic of Hayley Barker’s signature, ethereal land- scapes, New Yard, Elysian Heights draws from the dreamlike imagery of nineteenth-century symbolists and the artist’s own garden as inspiration.

We are also excited to show a new series of aquatint etchings from the artist Paula Wilson who’s work investigates the polarities of human life, including her own identity as a biracial woman and her experiences living in both major metropolises and the small desert railroad town of Carrizozo, New Mexico.

In addition we will be showing select prints from Wingate’s archive, including Walton Ford, Marrie Watt and others.

Exhibiting Artists

Hayley Barker, Xylor Jane, Walton Ford, Paula Wilson, Marie Watt

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