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Online Exclusive

Allinson Gallery | Storrs, US


Welcome to Allinson Gallery, Inc. We have been in business since 1978, and specialize

in American, British, and Continental fine prints, drawings, and watercolors in the

Painter-Etcher tradition from 1850 to 1950.


The gallery has maintained an online presence since 1982. That was an exciting time

when e-commerce was beginning. Questions were raised, such as “Would collectors

consider art that they had not seen in person?” “Was the internet a fad?” “Would banks

provide credit cards to galleries that sold works internationally?” “Was art too exalted to

be offered online?” It took nearly a decade to prove that the web was a viable venue for

the art world.


Jane Allinson has a Ph.D. in medieval studies. She has curated museum exhibitions,

published several articles, and co-authored two books on the Philippine painter,

Fernando Amorsolo y Cueto. Seven Deadly Sins is a collaboration of her irreverent

poems and mixed media prints by Ann Chernow, N.A.


Derek Allinson, Ph.D. is an emeritus professor from the University of Connecticut. He is

revising the catalog raisonné of Sir Frank Short, R.A., P.R.E., R.I., who belonged to the

artistic circle of Whistler, Haden, and their contemporaries.


Allinson Gallery, Inc. publishes online thematic exhibitions: The Artist Pictured, Fine

and Not-so-Fine Dining, Gargoyles, and Devils, I’ve Been Framed, Italy: An Artful

Journey, Prints and Drawings, A Spanish Holiday, and New York in Fine Art. Allinson

Gallery, Inc. sends forth enthusiastic thematic online print catalogs.


Martin Lewis, N.A. Glow of the City. Courtesy Allinson Gallery, Inc.


Allinson Gallery, Inc. office. Courtesy Allinson Gallery, Inc.

Fascinatin’ Manhattan

Hooray! It’s time for celebratin’
Magical Manhattan, with scintillating
Fine art, exhibited online
Enshrined in etchings’ elegant line,
Featuring fine prints by Martin Lewis
Whose New York scenes are always iconic:
Glow of the City: a dreamer, clothesline,
Structures o’er which the Chanin Building shines.
If the heights make you queasy,
In Relics, you’ll visit a speakeasy.
In Bay Windows, the ‘El and Stoops in Snow
Pavement’s slippery – so mind how you go.
At Two A.M. three young ladies do roam,
Hopper’s East Side mom is sewing at home.
Landeck’s Demolition, Approaching Storm,
York Avenue, Rooftops, and Manhattan Nocturne,
Cook’s atmospheric pastel, Skyscrapers
Show no noisy crowds or nosy neighbors
You can almost hear the whispers and speech,
In Marsh’s crowded Coney Island Beach.
Sloan’s busy New York scenes are full of hints
Of life and love for Connoisseurs of Prints.
Wengenroth’s lithograph shouldn’t be missed:
From the Weather Bureau: New York in the mist.
Bone, Eby, Lewis, Pennell: eruption
Of Manhattan’s skyscraper construction:
AT&T, Standard Oil, One Wall Street,
Shelton, Tudor City, One Vanderbilt.
At Lewis’ Cathedral Steps, you can pray,
Bay Windows, Hassam’s Church Across the Way,
Arms’ Woolworth Building’s a foil to evil,
It’s titled: American Cathedral.
Be sure not to miss Lady Liberty
Captured by Nevinson, Allinson, Erte.
Other river views afford you riches:
Manhattan, Brooklyn, Williamsburg bridges,-
Both the East River and the wide Hudson
Show busy marine traffic in fluxion.
If this rapid trip has made you queasy,
It’s time to relax and take it easy,
Explore the Print Fair, raise a glass of wine,
Visit Allinson Gallery online.

Exhibiting Artists

Deirdre Allinson, M.A.. Born 1968.
John Taylor Arms, N.A., A.R.E. 1887-1953.
Sir Muirhead Bone. 1876-1953.
Howard Norton Cook. 1901-1980.
Romain de Tirtoff (Erté) 1892-1990.
Kerr Eby, N.A. 1889-1946.
Gerald K. Geerlings. 1897-1998.
Frederick Childe Hassam, N.A. 1859-1935.
Edward Hopper, N.A. 1882-1967.
Otto Kuhler. 1894-1977.
Armin Landeck. 1905-1984.
Martin Lewis, N.A. 1881-1962.
Martin Lewis, N.A. 1881-1962.
Christopher Richard Wynne Nevinson., N.E.A.C., A.R.A 1889-1948.
Joseph Pennell, R.E., N.A. 1857-1926.
Louis Conrad Rosenberg, N.A. 1890-1983.
Louis Conrad Rosenberg, N.A. 1890-1983.
Edward Howard Suydam. 1885-1940.
Edward Howard Suydam. 1885-1940.
Stow Wengenroth, N.A. American. 1906-1978.
Lawrence Nelson Wilbur. 1897-1988.
Lloyd William Wulff. Born 1913.

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