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Goya Contemporary / Goya-Girl Press | Baltimore, US


Goya Contemporary Gallery built its reputation on lifelong commitments to representing & protecting artists and artistic practice; and for creating visionary, historically relevant exhibitions, publications & scholarship around artists we believe are the truth-tellers of our time.


Focused on Post War & Contemporary Art, GCG maintains an active exhibition schedule, large archive of fine-art prints & editions, participates in international fairs, manages estates, and cultivates, educates & connects artists with collectors, communities, connoisseurs, and researchers.


GCG devotes considerable resources to artists, championing opportunity, sustainability & legacy. Celebrated for exemplary standards of ethics, we collaborate with museums and institutions to produce discourse around artist’s oeuvres. Recent projects include the largest museum retrospective to date on MacArthur Fellow Joyce J. Scott [for whom GCG is the primary, worldwide representative]; Jo Smail retrospective at Baltimore Museum of Art; forthcoming Museum survey’s on Soledad Salamé and Elizabeth Talford Scott, Museum survey on Abstract Geometric painter Timothy App; and multiple Sonya Clark exhibitions nationwide. Other notable gallery exhibitions include Sanford Biggers, Louise Fishman, Fanny Sanin, Sergio Sister, Sam Gilliam, Liliana Porter, Ana Tiscornia, Elizabeth Talford Scott, Wilhelm Mundt, Charles Mason III, Ann Hamilton, Lynda Benglis, Louise Bourgeois, Louisa Chase, and Alan Shields.


Placing art in the world’s top museums and collections, Goya Contemporary also unobtrusively works with famous actors, musicians, TV and movie productions, and athletes, keeping identities and sales records private & protected while providing education and assistance on, and about, objects and the artists who made them.


Detail of "The Huest Eye" by Sonya Clark


Detail of "Untitled" by Louise Fishman

“Holding up a mirror to the time in which we live, Goya Contemporary champion’s artistic excellence that breaks barriers and pushes boundaries through powerful objects of extraordinary craftsmanship which speaks Truth to Power. We continue to promote & support diverse practices from varied generations of artists who help make meaning out of the most complex & nonverbal parts of life.”
-Amy Eva Raehse, Partner & Director

Exhibiting Artists

Sonya Clark, Louise Fishman, Dr. Joyce J. Scott, JJ Cromer, Trace Miller, Liliana Porter, Sanford Biggers, David Brown, Soledad Salamé, Jo Smail, Howie Lee Weiss, Alan Shields, Fanny Sanín

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