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Harlan and Weaver | New York City

Harlan & Weaver, Inc. is a workshop and publisher specializing in etching and other forms of intaglio printmaking. In their Lower Manhattan studio, Felix Harlan and a smal team provide the facilities and technical assistance for artists to complete a successful project. Artists working with Harlan & Weaver have created some of the most notable etchings of the past two decades.


In addition to printing works commissioned by others, Harlan & Weaver has published works by Richard Artschwager, William Bailey, Christiane Baumgartner, Louise Bourgeois, Robert Cottingham, Steve DiBenedetto, Carroll Dunham, Nicole Eisenman, Joanne Greenbaum, Joey Kötting, Chris Martin, Thomas Nozkowski, Michelle Segre, James Siena, Kiki Smith, Mark Strand, José Antonio Suárez Londoño, and Stanley Whitney.

Prints made at Harlan & Weaver have been acquired by important contemporary print collections, both private and public, including, in New York, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art, the New York Public Library, and the Whitney Museum of American Art, as well as the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; The British Museum, London; Tate Britain; Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris; Daros Collection, Zurich; Kunstmuseum Bern; Beyeler Foundation, Riehen/Basel; Houston Museum of Fine Arts; and Ashmolean Museum, Oxford. Felix Harlan and Carol Weaver have lectured and taught printmaking workshops at Cornell University, Randolph-Macon Women's College, Rhode Island School of Design, Mount Holyoke College, and Yale University.


In A Bower, Kiki Smith


Carol Weaver and Felix Harlan printing "In A Bower" edition

Exhibiting Artists

Kiki Smith, Louise Bourgeois, Nicole Eisenman, Didier William, James Siena

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