Spring 2021 IFPDA Fair Booth Submission
Main Booth Information

Use the introduction space to introduce first-time visitors to your gallery or studio---- its history, vision, program, and anything else you'd like to share. For contact information, please provide a phone number and email address which will be monitored continuously throughout the fair. Be sure to link to your website or to your member profile at IFPDA.org. 

Booth Description: This is where you personalize the booth experience for your visitors, writing in your own "voice".  We encourage you to speak in the first person about your booth presentation so that we can add a quotation credit as shown in the sample.  What are the booth highlights? What makes them special? Share any information that will contextualize your booth and help visitors see it as you intended. 

Exhibitor Name
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Booth Description (Exhibitor Quote)
Booth Description (Exhibitor Name and Title)
Banner Images & Video Content

These required images and optional video create a dynamic experience for viewers. The cover image is the first image your visitors see upon reaching your booth. Ideally, this will be a detail of a featured work from the booth. Alternatively, it may be an installation view of work(s) from your booth, an image of the artist in their studio, or anything else which sets the stage for your booth and stands out from the crowd. The two additional contextual images provide additional flair, movement, and context to the works presented. Installation shots, images of the process, details, and images of artists and subject matter are all encouraged. (The focal point/subject in your images should be centered to avoid awkward cropping.)

Recommended image sizes: The banner images in your booth will be fully responsive. As such, there are no set perfect dimensions, and larger images are encouraged (within the 15mb limit). At minimum, the ratio should be about 5:2, with a width of 1920 pixels.

The optional video feature may be used to feature one or more works or to provide a "tour" of your booth.

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Contextual Image #1
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Contextual Image #2:
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Video Feature
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ArtPlacer Widget

The full list of artworks in your booth will be made available in your ArtPlacer widget for visitors to test out in a predetermined space, which you will choose below. In the next step, you may choose from these spaces again for your virtual installation. Please be mindful of the dimensions of the wall as it compares to the work you are displaying. All of your booth artworks (up to thirty) will be included as drag and drop options in your widget. (To select, scroll to bottom of section and check box for corresponding ID number.)