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EFA Blackburn + | New York City, US


EFA Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop (EFA RBPMW) is the oldest and longest-running community print shop in the United States. Not only a co-operative printmaking workspace that provides professional-quality printmaking facilities to artists and printmakers of every skill level, EFA RBPMW is committed to inspiring and fostering its diverse artistic community. Dedicated to the making of fine art prints in an environment that embraces technical and aesthetic exploration, innovation, and collaboration, EFA RBPMW seeks to improve the overall quality of fine art printmaking by providing low cost, unfettered access to printers, equipment, and education.  It is with this spirit of openness and inclusion that Robert Blackburn's vision of sustaining this welcoming, creative environment continues to serve as the backbone of the workshop today.


Bob Blackburn in the Printmaking Workshop



We are honored to exhibit five artists from the EFA Blackburn Legacy Fellowship, along side artists who worked with Robert Blackburn for the 20th Edition of NADA Miami: Devraj Dakoji, Dindga McCannon, Michael Kelly Williams, Michele Godwin and Otto Neals. EFA RBPMW is the longest, oldest running community printshop in the country–we are also the only community printshop with stone lithography in Manhattan. As new generations of artists begin to utilize print, we make sure to continue his legacy by keeping the space affordable, accessible and welcoming.

And I hope that every artist who's working there or the majority of them will be able to take some of this that we have and give it to young people.

Because I always felt and I still feel that no matter what we do as artists, if we can't pass it on for someone else to carry the torch, then we have lost it. - Bob Blackburn

Exhibiting Artists

Devraj Dakoji
Dindga McCannon
Michael Kelly Williams
Michele Godwin
Otto Neals

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