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Booth #410

William P. Carl Fine Prints | Durham, US


William P. Carl Fine Prints was established in 1983. Before that, I was working at the Wiggin Print Room of the Boston Public Library. Then, in 1976, I started working at Childs Gallery in Boston for seven years. 2023 marks 47 years in the print business. I was always looking for new and interesting artists. My focus has been the period 1850-1950 with an emphasis on American, British, French, Belgian, and Dutch works. Theera of modern Dutch printmaking is of special interest, and I have a large selection of works in this field. Museums and private collectors are my best clients.


Stow Wengenroth, New York Nocturne


Henri-Edmond Cross, La Promenade

For this the 2023 IFPDA Print Fair, I’ve put together excellent works by many artists including some great rarities. We will be showing Gerald Geerlings Civic Insomnia printed in color, a hand-colored surrealist print by Joan Miró, Charles Sheeler’s rare lithograph called Roses, a number of Stow Wengenroth’s New York City images, Theo van Hoytema’s set of two lithographs called Christmas and New Year, a rare woodcut by William E. Smith, the Cleveland African American artist, and a fine group of etchings by the contemporary Dutch etcher, Charles Donker.

Exhibiting Artists

We will be bringing more than two hundred prints by a wide array of artists. About 35 works will be on the walls and the rest are in tabletop print racks and floor racks. Please view the PDF checklist for a list of the framed prints we will bring to the show. The rest are too numerous to mention.


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