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Full Spectrum: Celebrating 50 years of the Brandywine Workshop and Archives

Thursday, October 7th, 2021

12:00PM ET

The Brandywine Workshop and Archives (BWA) is a non-profit cultural institution that promotes printmaking as a fine art by engaging artists and audiences from diverse, often transnational, backgrounds; offering community-based educational opportunities, and producing and sharing art to build bridges among global communities.

Since its founding in 1972 by artist Allan Edmunds, the Brandywine Workshop has become an internationally recognized center for printmaking as well as a vital part of the Philadelphia arts community. In 2022, BWA celebrated the institution’s 50th anniversary.

Shelley R. Langdale, Curator and Head of Modern Prints and Drawings, National Gallery of Art, Brandywine Workshop and Archives advisory board member

Tatiana Reinoza, Assistant Professor, Department of Art, Art History & Design, Notre Dame, Brandywine Workshop and Archives advisory board member

Phillip A. Townsend, Curator of Art, Art Galleries at Black Studies (AGBS), The University of Texas at Austin

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