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Manneken Press LLC + | Bloomington

Since 2000, Manneken Press has published original, limited edition and unique prints, portfolios, artist’s books, photographs and drawings by outstanding contemporary artists. Our invited artists create their prints working in close collaboration with master printer Jonathan Higgins, and are hand-printed on our Takach etching press. Manneken Press forefronts artists who assert the foundational acts of 2-Dimensional investigation over narrative, whose works are experimental, unequivocally stirring, intelligent, and suited to the medium of printmaking. We are committed to traditional, time tested techniques, using only the finest papers and inks to produce our prints. Manneken Press has exhibited at fine art fairs in Chicago, Cleveland, Miami, Boston, Baltimore, Houston, Palm Springs and New York City, and in many galleries and museums. Prints published by Manneken Press have been reviewed in Art In Print, Art In America, Grabado Y Edición, ARTnews, and Art On Paper. Manneken Press is located in Bloomington, IL, USA.

We are pleased to be exhibiting at the IFPDA Print Fair for the first time. Highlighted in our booth will be several works made by New York City-based poet and critic John Yau in collaboration with an artist: the “Wanted” series of word and image monotypes made with Chicago artist Richard Hull in 2023, and from 2014, a portfolio of lithographs by painter Judy Ledgerwood with a poem by Yau. We will also feature our most recent projects- aquatint editions by Matt Magee and Jill Moser, and unique prints by Carlos Andrade, Anna Kunz, Kate Petley and Sarah Smelser.


Judy Ledgerwood; Anna Kunz; Catherine Howe; Kate Petley


Artist Judy Ledgerwood at the press with master printer J. Higgins

Exhibiting Artists

Carlos Andrade, Jonathan Higgins, Richard Hull, Anna Kunz, Judy Ledgerwood, Matt Magee, Sarah Smelser, Jill Moser, Kate Petley, John Yau

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