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Tamarind Institute | Albuquerque

Tamarind Institute is a nonprofit center for fine art lithography that trains artisan printers and houses

a professional collaborative studio for artists. Founded in 1960 in Los Angeles, Tamarind is

recognized internationally for its contributions to the growth of collaborative lithography around the

world and continues to provide professional printer training and creative opportunities for artists.

In the IFPDA selection this year, you'll find recent works by Henni Alftan, Jeffrey Gibson, Koak,

Danielle Orchard, Maja Ruznic, Rose B. Simpson, and never-before-exhibited lithographs by Jarvis

Boyland and Sonya Clark. Both artists concluded their first Tamarind Institute residencies in the

winter of 2023. Los Angeles-based artist Jarvis Boyland delves into Black queerness and masculinity in the digital age, embedding contemporary narratives into figurative painting histories. Amherst-

based Sonya Clark continues her exploration of the cultural aspects of Black hair, using it as a metric to unveil obscured histories.




Artist Sonya Clark in the Tamarind Workshop during her 2023 residency.


Apprentice Printer Julia Marco in the Tamarind Workshop during Jarvis Boyland’s 2023 residency.

Exhibiting Artists

Henni Alftan, Jarvis Boyland, Sonya Clark, Jeffrey Gibson, Koak, Danielle Orchard, Maja Ruznic, Rose B. Simpson.

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