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Tandem Press | Madison, US


Tandem Press is a professional printmaking studio and gallery that hosts internationally renowned artists in its studio, assisting them in the creation of limited-edition fine art prints. Since 1987, Tandem has upheld its reputation for pushing the boundaries of printmaking, exploring new materials and techniques, and producing highly ambitious print-based contemporary art.


Tandem Press is known for incorporating a variety of media and materials in the printed editions produced in their studio. In addition to traditional printmaking methods such as lithography, intaglio, screen print, and woodcut, Tandem utilizes solar-based and new media technologies in their studio to create ambitious projects that often incorporate collage or sculptural elements. In recent years, they have produced some editioned objects that cross the boundary between print and sculpture.


Tandem Press has created prints with over one hundred artists, including Derrick Adams, Richard Bosman, Suzanne Caporael, Robert Cottingham, Lesley Dill, Jim Dine, Jeffrey Gibson, Sam Gilliam, Al Held, Robert Kelly, David Lynch, Judy Pfaff, Alison Saar, Sean Scully, Jaune Quick-to-See Smith, Swoon, and Mickalene Thomas. Prints published by Tandem are included in the permanent collections of many prestigious institutions such as the Art Institute of Chicago, Boston Museum of Fine Arts, British Museum, Detroit Institute of Arts, Museum of Modern Art, National Museum of American Art, and the Whitney Museum of American Art, to name a few.


Tandem Press Collaborative Printer adhers collage elements to Jeffrey Gibson's "PLAY AMONG THE STARS"


Tandem Press Collaborative Printers Jason Ruhl and Patrick Smyczek working on Derrick Adams' "Parlay" series

For its 2023 IFPDA Print Fair presentation, Tandem Press will exhibit new prints by Derrick Adams, Suzanne Caporael, and Jeffrey Gibson.

Derrick Adams's new "Parlay" prints are a continuation of his "Mood Board" series and are inspired by a printed dice pattern incorporated in the avant-garde garments crafted by Black American fashion designer Patrick Kelly in his ready-to-wear women’s clothing line. The term parlay is also associated with many known dice games (turning an initial stake or winnings from a previous bet into a greater amount by gambling) and in urban vernacular it means to chill or to suggest having a great leisurely time with the people you enjoy. Adams refers to both meanings in this suite of prints.

Suzanne Caporael beautifully creates images that depict personal connections and conceptual interests that range from bodies of water and other natural phenomena to visual perception and abstraction as a tool to poetically represent facets of our world. At the Print Fair, we will present nine new prints by Caporael that relate to several series of work.

Jeffrey Gibson’s work often references several art historical movements including Modernism, geometric abstraction, maximalism, and Op Art, decidedly placing his work firmly in the canon of Contemporary Art rather than allowing it to be solely categorized as Native American Art. His two new prints are built up through many layers of screen printed color that create complex overlapping patterns that visually excite the eye and inspire warmth within the viewer. His intense color palettes demand attention and imbue an infectious sense of vibrancy and liveliness into the work.

Exhibiting Artists

Derrick Adams, Suzanne Caporael, Jeffrey Gibson

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