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Atelier-Galerie A. Piroir | Montreal

We are pleased to present the Atelier-Galerie A. Piroir. Since 1975, we have been an intaglio printer, publisher of prints and artist’s books, and print media gallery owners. Two generations of printers work together at the studio. Alain Piroir RCA has passed on the love for the trade to his daughter Agathe, who, after having worked on her own, joined her father in 2006. We are proud to provide Montrealers with a venue to enjoy print media. The gallery is giving the public an exceptional opportunity to explore contemporary printmaking in its creative context. The exhibitions are presented alongside presses in the studio, where the public will be able to watch the printers and artists at work. Art lovers will be able to see the creation of a print from start to finish.


Catherine Farish Statement for Galerie A. Piroir presenting work from the “Cicatrix Project”


Cicatrix was an international project funded by Arts Council England, the Quebec delegation in London and the CALQ. The title “Cicatrix” recalls the scarred ancient ground of Salisbury Plain where many troops, including Canadians, prepared for battle in WW1. I was invited as the Canadian representative where some of this work was shown in a commemorative exhibition at the Swindon Museum in England.


In my research I came across an image of indigenous Canadian soldiers, some of whom were photographed in their traditional battle dress. I was struck by the irony and power of this image. Several indigenous soldiers were decorated as war heroes and on their return in 1918 were not given the same benefits or financial support as non-indigenous veterans.


In the piece “Sacred and Profane (2)” images of maps, barbed wire and encampment diagrams are overlayed and collaged together creating a distressed surface, scars of war.


“Possibilities in Purgatory “and “Ghost Girls” is a small more light-hearted series inspired by this project about the people left behind.


“For Crown and Country” by Catherine Farish


Photo by Prune Pacha plate work from Catherine Farish

Exhibiting Artists

Erika Adams, Louis-Pierre Bougie†, Guillaume Brisson-Darveau, Catherine Farish, Cynthia Dinan-Michell, Pierre Durette, Marc Garneau, John Heward†, Lucie Jolicoeur Côté, Peter Krausz, Harold Klunder, Jean-Pierre Larocque, Hélène Latulippe, Jean McEwen†, Martin Müller-Reinhart†, Johny Ngbwa, Ed Pien, Stephanie Russ, Francine Simonin, Marcelo Troche, Wang Suo Yuan

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