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Dolan/Maxwell | Philadelphia

Dolan/Maxwell specializes in fine prints and works on paper by artists from the 1930s to the present. Their works are presented seriously and in depth with emphasis on Modernist works from the WPA era, Europe and Atelier 17, the New York School, art by African Americans as well as International Contemporary artists. We work closely with the artists and the estates of artists we represent. We augment these works with carefully chosen sculptures and paintings on canvas or panel by artists whose work complements our core and are of particular interest to us. As a founding member of the International Fine Print Dealers Association (IFPDA) we have notable expertise in works on paper in all media.


Dolan/Maxwell have devised a 3 part approach to mark the Print Fair’s return to the Armory with From Line to Light: International Modern engravings; light as exuberant, luminous color in Contemporary Abstract works on paper, and, light as means for defining human likeness.

Modern Engraving:  Engraving as a technique was nearly abandoned by artists before the revival of interest in this ancient method in the 1920s. We have splendid examples from the last 100 years including works by Akira Abe, John Ferren, Fred Becker, Stanley William Hayter, Joseph Hecht, Terry Haass, Takesada Matsutani, Gabor Peterdi, and Helen Phillips.


Luminous Color: Steven Ford, Robert Blackburn, Vivienne Browne, Nona Hershey, Stanley William Hayter, Emily Mason, and Betye Saar.  Of special note are rare and complex works by Ed Clark made at Robert Blackburn’s renowned Printmaking Workshop.


Human Likeness: Prints and works on paper that explore and celebrate works that convey a range of psychological states from tenderness to power. We include works from Dexter Davis’s Ghosts Series, along with observation-based works by Ernest Crichlow, Dox Thrash & Charles White. We will show for the first time ever Allan Edmunds’s print collage celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. and the 1963 Civil Rights March in Washington DC.


Ed Clark Untitled, 1982 (close-up)


Dolan/Maxwell IFPDA booth from October, 2023

Exhibiting Artists

Akira Abe, Radcliffe Bailey, Fred Becker, Robert Blackburn, Vivian Browne, John Buckland Wright, Elizabeth Catlett, Minna Citron, Ed Clark, Eldzier Cortor, Ernest Crichlow, Dexter Davis, Allan Edmunds, John Ferren, Steve Ford, Peter Grippe, Terry Haass, James Haseltine, Stanley William Hayter, Joseph Hecht, Nona Hershey, Joseph Hirsch, Lois Jones, William Majors, R E Marton, Emily Mason, Takesada Matsutani, Joan Miro, Leonard Nelson, Gabor Peterdi, Helen Phillips, Anton Prinner, Betye Saar, Hector Saunier, David Shapiro, Gail Singer, G Ralph Smith, Dox Thrash, Roger Vieillard, Cheryl Warrick & Charles White.

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