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Weyhe Gallery | Mount Desert

With a focus on modern prints, the Weyhe Gallery, founded in 1919, is in its fourth generation within the family. Founding gallerist Erhard Weyhe, an avid collector, travelled regularly to Europe for inventory. Stateside, he support aspiring artists and gave shows to many that would jumpstart their careers. The gallery/bookshop came to be a gathering place for artists and collectors alike. Once a focal point of the art scene at 794 Lexington Avenue in New York, the gallery relocated to Mount Desert Island, Maine in 1994. Though no longer the brick-and-mortar shop of its heyday, the gallery retains a rich inventory of modern prints, many of which were originally published by Weyhe in the early twentieth century.


"Greetings from the House of Weyhe" Howard Cook


"Greetings from the House of Weyhe"Allen Lewis

Exhibiting Artists

Howard Cook, Felix Vallotton, Rockwell Kent, Max Beckmann, John Marin, Pablo Picasso, Diego Rivera, Jan Matulka, Jose Clemente Orozco, Arthur B Davies, Antonio Frasconi, Lyonel Feininger, Adoph Dehn, Louis Lozowick, Mabel Dwight, Wanda Gag, Rufino Tamayo, Peggy Bacon, George Biddle, Vincent Canade, Emil Ganso, Mahonri Young, Arnold Ronnebeck, William Zorach, Marguerite Zorach,

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