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Online Exclusive



PRATT CONTEMPORARY was founded in 1977 as a fine art printing and publishing studio and has evolved through a multitude of different activities including sculpture, painting and drawing. In 1987 it was the first print studio invited to exhibit at the London Original Print Fair and since 1994 has been a member of the International Fine Print Dealers Association. The Studio continues to collaborate with artists, presenting exhibitions of their work in the UK and overseas.


Image: Ana Maria Pacheco, Crossing the Threshold I (detail), 2023


Image: Etching Studio. Preparation of inks for ‘Crossing the Threshold I-III'

Our online booth this fall focuses on new works by three artists: Ana Maria Pacheco, Marcus Rees Roberts and Alison Lambert.

Ana Maria Pacheco: 'Crossing the Threshold’.
A series of three monotypes, printed in colours with additional hand-colouring by the artist, are studies for a new group of paintings.
Pacheco’s most recent multi-figure polychrome wood sculpture, exhibited at the Galway International Arts Festival in 2022, is currently on exhibition in the UK at the University of Kent in Canterbury. Further information can be found on our website.

Marcus Rees Roberts: 'The Book of Jeremiah'
In late February 2022, as Russia began its invasion of Ukraine, Rees Roberts began a series of twenty prints using found images of the war from the news media. Using papier collé, he combined these images with drypoints. The fragments of text are from ‘The Book of Jeremiah’, which describes the invasion and destruction of Jerusalem in 586 BCE - the deaths, the rapes, the refugees, the deportations, the devastation of somewhere independent and beautiful. In the Authorised Version, the language, particularly in the early chapters, is urgent, passionate, full of a sense of abandonment, and disbelief at what has happened. It has a terrible prescience and relevance, even more so with recent events in the Near East.

Alison Lambert: Monotypes
While drawing has been predominant for many years the monotype process has become an essential part of Lambert’s working practice, and the prints continue to have a symbiotic relationship with the drawings. The technique she employs in the monotypes allows her to develop an image on the plate, similar to the way her drawings evolve on paper. There is also a close relationship in terms of the various narratives that she develops in her work. These four monotypes are among a number of studies the artist has made towards a new collection of large drawings currently in progress. In 2025 this new collection will be exhibited in the UK, at the Derby Museum and Art Gallery (dates to be confirmed).

Exhibiting Artists

Ana Maria Pacheco, Marcus Rees Roberts, Alison Lambert.

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